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Travel insurance protects travelers in case of emergency or interruption of a trip.



Travel insurance is designed to cover those who elect coverage with financial safeguards in the case of events ranging from inconveniences to calamities. Coverage may include both costs incurred before your trip, such as nonrefundable event tickets or hotel stays, and during your trip, including travel interruptions and medical expenses. The most important detail to know about travel insurance is that its features can range broadly depending on the product, the package or policy that’s selecting.

There are a number of similar misconceptions that travel insurance can guard against. Insurance comes packaged together with specific coverage benefits – the type and amount will range based on the package selected – that fill gaps where your travel plans may be exposed to a number of threats, like for example lost baggage. But a lost, damaged or even stolen luggage benefit is just one small benefit of most travel insurance offerings.

 Others may include: Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption Protection. Different tiers of benefits and coverage levels allow travelers to match the insurance to their specific travel plans.  We are offerings range from the affordable and simple Essential Plan, which may work for the quick weekend getaway, to the Classic Plan with Trip, which is designed for families traveling abroad who may experience any number of unforeseen challenges and inconveniences.  We can assist you in finding the right coverage.


Vislocky Travel offers the various Travel Insurance Packages. Click link below to explore and buy the best package for your needs





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